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Exploring Brighton’s Food

Out first night I wanted to go somewhere cool. All the city breaks we’ve been on we’ve found cool drinking holes to laze around in. We had our first-night drinks in Tempest Inn. A bar on the seafront cut under to road. Little caves are carved out for tables for people to sit at. It’s a cool place. Some of the caves are really dark and it’s sort of dead in winter but still interesting to experience.

Birthday breakfast pancakes in our hotel. They were exactly what I wanted for my first birthday meal of the day. We stayed at The Kings Hotel on the sea front, just by West Pier.

Mocha and fries in Redroaster. We arrived at about 10 and couldn’t decide if we should have a second breakfast or have lunch. But would we have lunch at Redroaster, or somewhere else? We settled for a coffee each and a bowl of fries with alioli. The interiors were so hipster and cool that we drank our coffee and left.

Dos Sombreros in The Lanes, is where I had my birthday meal. I really wanted to have it at The Mesmerist but they closed their kitchen early and so did Black Lion, which was my second choice. We ended up at Dos Sombreros and had the place to ourselves. We shared chicken fajitas and lots of hawt sauce. It was perfect.

After realising that Dum Dum’s was closed I sulked then went for ice cream and warm cookie dough at Creams. I had the milk chocolate and Hayden had the white. It really made up for the lack of sweet treats we had this break.

Fatto a Mano

The pizza stop in the North Lanes. I love pizza and was hoping this place would be amazing, because of the reviews and it was. We decided to get two pizzas and split them with a side of fries because we were so hungry from walking everywhere. The N’DUJA and the CAPRICCIOSA. The first was a spicy pork number with heck loads of cheese. The second was an olive, artichoke mushroom extravagance that I would have ordered another to take home. It’s exactly that kind of pizza I wanted. When you can look at the pizza oven and watch if be made with love. That’s pizza.

uTrading post

The Trading Post Coffee Roasters. The best almond latte I’ve ever drunk. So smooth and easy coffee. I’d come back here anytime. The cakes looked amazing. If you want to people watch sit downstairs or if you want to work away from home or be more intimate sit upstairs and be away from the bustle of The Lanes.

Ben’s Cookies

If you get cookies, get Ben’s. Although not an exclusive to Brighton Ben’s Cookies are to good to pass up. When we saw the cookie stand Hayden and I both shouted ” Ben’s Cookies yeah!” So you know they are good. We bought 7 ( it was only polite to) and ate 3 on the drive home.

Hopefully next time I go to Brighton it won’t be in the middle of winter and places will be open. Well i hope Dum Dum’s is open. If you have been to Brighton where were the best places you ate at? I’ll add them to my list for next time.

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