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Blue and White Summer Dress

Dress Accessorize Bag Wicker Wings

I’ve been betrayed. By these flipflops.

Lets start from the beginning. I love shoes that are cute and easy to wear. I would wear a cute heel or a sweet flat day in day out. Trainers are reserved for exercise and working. Last year I wore these flip flops to death as they were the perfect balance of comfort and ease for me to wear exclusively to the beach. I’ve started to wear my Gucci slippers to the beach as I forgot about these flipflops. Which is the silliest thing I’ve ever done as they are not fairing well at all.

Fast forward to this year and I wore these  flip flops for the first time for this shoot and they cut my feet up. Let me tell you how painful it was. I thought I was having a Jennifer Lawrence moment with these shoes but I really didn’t.

Now I’m on the lookout for a pair of summer sandals that look good even after going though the sand and thrown into a bag at the beach.


Location: Coy Pond Poole Dorset

I love this little garden in Dorset. It’s so easy to get to and there are some lovely Willow trees that really come to life in Summer. My favourite tree is a Willow so having this garden in Dorset it perfect. The gardeners and grounds keepers  have mowed out paths so you can walk right by the river under the Willow trees. It’s truly beautiful. When shooting this look I was reminded of the Southern Belles in their Summer dresses amongst all the huge trees that they are surrounded by.

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