How to be Stylish Over Fashionable: It Will Save You Money

Fashion  “a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.”

Style “a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed”

If you’ve followed me on TCHG or over on Instagram for a while you will know that I live for fashion and style. I graduated with a Ba(Hons) last wear in fashion, fashion is my job.

What I’ve learnt from my studies and working in fashion is that chasing that fashion bubble will always leave you unsatisfied and wanting more. Fashion over the last 10 years has developed at such a rapid rate that it’s build a foundation of dissatisfied consumers and customers. You want the latest thing but as soon as you have it  there is another new latest thing.

Following fashion trends will leave you wasting money, shop within your style and get a reasonable cost per wear.

What you need to understand is your style. What do you actually like, what works for you?

When you discover this you develop you style and stop chasing the latest thing and curate what is best for you.

Yes the new heels that everyone on Instagram has do look lovely and will look nice on everyone. But answer these questions

Will you wear them more then once a month?

Are the something you usually wear?

Do you have something similar in your wardrobe?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of these questions, don’t get them. They are a total waste of money. Your are buying a very expensive pair of dust collectors.  Believe me I’ve had my fair share of dust collectors too. But I’ve built a wardrobe of things that I can pull at a moments notice that I love wearing, suit me and fit my style.

If you love shopping the trends show your style in the tends. If one season ankle length shirts are in, but you know they don’t suit you, don’t buy them. Wear the length of skirt you like and pick another trend. Don’t slave away trying to fit fashion tends that aren’t you. I see endless posts on Instagram of the same item of clothing. Yes that is a trend but does it suit everyone. Could other colour or cut have been picked to better suit the individual. 100%

You wear your clothes, clothes shouldn’t wear you.

How to start knowing what your style is:

Lay everything out on your bed.

Put a pile of what fits you and what doesn’t. Not “I’ll grow into them” or “slim into them”. What fits you NOW.

In that pile create two new piles.

What I Wear Regularly  and What I Don’t Wear Often.

In your What I Wear Regularly pile. Do you notice any patterns?

Are there a lot of dresses the same cut and shape?

Do you favour a style of jeans over another?

Is there a colour that you are drawn to over others?

These items are your style.

Shopping within these categories will help you develop your style. If you are tall wear jeans from the tall section. If you need a shorter length get a shorter pair.

Send all your other clothes to charity, sell them give them to friends.

Of course you can shop with in fashion all you like, but know that you will be clearing them out again in 6months because you have a wardrobe of clothes and nothing to wear.


Photos of someone happy all the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey. If you didn’t sing the last part, you should have. Feeling content at the moment. Safe in my little bubble on the top floor of our building away from everyone else. One going out when we feel like it, staying in when we don’t. I’m trying to keep this PMA (positive mental attitude) up. Oh and boy! Do I have the travel bug. I’m constantly looking on Instagram for places to go. My phone is filled with screen shots of wide mountain scapes and cities in the rain. I’ve been working on a travel Spotify playlist for when I can travel to all the places I’ve saved..

Todays song is – A Long Dream| SE SO NEON



The colder months are where I thrive the most. Autumn, Halloween, Christmas, my birthday all happen in the colder months which means I’m the most busy out of the year. Which makes me excited. As parties and events aren’t happening this year I’ve found that I’m making more of an effort to glam up. Putting together more polished looks for everyday tasks. Coming home from work and putting on a nice dress, not just my tracksuit like usual. Some might say it’s extra, but you gotta do what you gotta do to live your life on your own level. 

Wearing cut off cowboy boots, velvet and pearl earrings to pick pumpkins. Heavily influenced by Ko Moon-Young’s aesthetic from It’s Ok Not to be Ok. The looks she pulls in that show are everything. I’ve been influenced for sure to try out new looks and styles and wear more together outfits. Going through everyday life dressed in a different mindset.


Monochrome Pumpkin Patch

Spooky scary skeletons.

October wouldn’t be complete without a little pumpkin patch trip. We returned for another year to Sopley P.Y.O. This year there were so many pumpkins and a festive display. Hayden and I went on an hours hunt for the perfect pumpkin for our lounge window. I wanted a ghost pumpkin ( a white one ) and Hayden wanted a perfect traditional orange one. We found lots of photo opportunities this year. I wanted to sit on the pile of pumpkins but ended up just perching as to not knock over the display.

Pattern clashing in the same colour family creates a more put together look. This whole look is monochrome but it doesn’t look boring or plain as the patterns are creating the moment. Sticking to the same colours pulls any look together.


spot the photo of me looking mad that I got mud all up my jumper.

Autumnal Sky

Waking up to see the sunrise on the last day of summer is something I want to make a tradition. It was magical to arrive at the beach with just a few fitness fanatics and dog walkers for company. Standing in the crisp air waiting for the sun to mark Autumn.


The best purchases are sometimes the ones you make on a whim. This dress is one of those purchases. Spotted it on the Zara website for £29.99 and added to my basket within seconds. I saved this dress to wear while we were away in Somerset. I’m so glad I did that as I wanted to make our days together on holiday a little more special the just my usualy jeans and t-shirt uniform. I knew this dress would be a statement as The yellow is so bright, But I wasn’t prepared for the looks I got all day. Hey, I’m not one to complain about looks when I have a killer outfit on. Hayden and I must have been filmed for the Influencers in the Wild Instagram as we were working really hard in this location to get these shots and all the locals and toursists did like a little look over at us.

Back to the dress. Super comfortable and the shoulder pads are a nice piece of detail to the dress. The belt is attached at one side which stopped it slipping around and moving. I’m thinking of unpicking it so that I can wear it without a belt.Which is how the model on the Zara website wore it and It does look very chic that way. Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?!

Worn with a pair of carrot earrings, also from Zara. A chunky pair of DM’s, a little cardi from Sainsburys and my hero purchase my nude Coach bag.


Did you wear bucket hats as a kid? I did and thought I looked ok in them. Since the trend came back around I’ve tried to get onboard with them again, but I just can’t do it. This hat from Amazon is the hat I bought right as the trend was starting again, and i’ve only just started to wear it out. I’m on the hunt for another bucket hat to add to the collection to see if I can make it work.


Tips on Shooting in the Heat

Well isn’t the UK roasting right now. Im not the last person or the first to say it’s bloody hot. I’ve been avoiding shoot as I’m too hot for anything. shoot early morning if you can. I couldn’t for this shoot and shot in the evening. I was melting and my hair was getting curlier and curlier.

Chose your outfit is more important that anything in this heat. Knee high boots are amazing and my favourite with short dresses but not amazing when the weather is against you. Opt for a trainer or a sandal and you’ll be more comfortable and more natural in your photos. You can almost see the pain in my eyes and sweat on my brow. Also don’t wear your cardigan in the sun. It might bring your look together but at what cost. AT WHAT COST?!

Be quick, We took a maximum of 30 mins setting up for the shoot and wrapped quickly to get home to our belived fan. Go to your location with an intention of what to shoot. Don’t waste time in the sun you’ll just feel exhausted or get a headache. If you do need longer then 30 mins take a snack, water, sun screen and take breaks in the shade.

Lastly, have a patient photographer, who will be sweating in the heat with you. Who’s willing to take your photos and get you the shots and direct you. I’ve found mine in Hayden, Even when we aren’t feeling a shoot he’ll take extra shots just incase.

Also there were cute dogs all over the beach and playing in the water and one Terrier that loved our shoot and said hello.




Re-styling a Black Dress x Crop Field

Endevouring to shop fast fashion more inteligently has lead me to look into my wardrobe even more. What pieces am I missing? Can I re-style classics to create something new? Working on re-styling looks I’ve worn time and again. Sewing a belt through a small bags handle instantly creates the belt bag trend without it looking too bum bag esque. Picking the same colour makes the whole look streamlined and classic. This styling I’m showing you today reminds me of historical ladies and gentlemen that would wear their purse tied to their waists.

Shot outside after two days of looking for the right field to share this idea with you. Hayden and I have shot many times in this exact field but always missing the harvest or in different seasons to the crops never look the same. Choosing bare feet to spice things up a little. Funny how I’m not really one for wearing shoes but have always loved them. Years of not wearing shoes has meant my feet are a little batterned and worn. Do you get witchy vibes from this shoot? I do, the bare feet wild hair and black dress. I can’t wait for Halloween.



Working on a website dedicated to an aesthetic means a lot of the photos I take just stay on hard drives, never to be seen again. I work hard on TCHG and only select what fits with the mode. Outside of blogging I’m taking photos of everything. I’m sure Hayden is sick of having to stand out the way or in the shot for endless photos. But it has been almost 4.5 years, he should be used to it by now. Anyway. I came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter if the photos ‘fit’ into the ‘theme’ of The Curly Haired Girl. As it’s about me therefore what I take a photo of fits the mould. Here is a selection of unposted photos that I love. But aren’t necessarily ‘good’ blog photos or enough to write a post of caption about on their own. But are meaning full and a reminder of the moment they were captured.