Dorset,  The Girls Style


Over the weekend I went to one of my best friends hen party. She’s the first of the group to get married so it was a monumental occasion. We started of with a little wholesome pottery painting. Followed by a drag show at the Comedy Club Rubyz. As a fan of drag I was super excited to watch the show. We sat down to a meal and got our drinks ready for a good time. I loved the show, lots of funny moments the girls interacting with the crowd was exactly what I wanted. Also the vocals were stunning.

The outfit theme was pink and white which is such a cute combo, my second birthday party theme was pink and white. I really struggled to find something that was both fun and pink but a little more special. I’m having a style moment that I want to wear only fabulous outfits, nothing drab or boring. I was running out of time so went to Primark (don’t). I didn’t like any of the dresses there as they were all mini and skimpy. I walked passed a little reductions rack and saw a huge pink bow and thought that would be lovely. It was a pink mini with a huge bow on the front. I picked it up there was a 20 and an 8 left so i picked the 20 and bought it. Now as a 5ft 10 girl, nearly everything is short on me but this dress was more a long top. But it didn’t look right with trousers under or leggings or anything. I almost gave up then I tucked up the bottom of the dress into the top half. Then it was a moment. It looked almost like a corset top and the huge bow. It was a vibe. Off setting the bow with a wide leg trousers made the look balanced. I then wanted to wear the leopard prink heels I always wear as it’s a party, why not? I felt very Barbie and put together.

Scroll to the bottom for the YouTube video I made of the Hen Party, including me dying my hair.


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