Our 2020 Christmas Cards

Christmas card rush. Yes, we are late to the game with christmas cards this year. Hayden and I normally get a few each time we food shop throughout the year for birthdays and stock on a multi pack for christmas. This year because of the global situation we are staying in more and trying to remain focused when we shop so I skip the make-up and clothing and just try to get the food and go.

As it’s the first christmas of Hayden and I living together, we wanted something a little more special for our family as I have relatives in the midlands and down in Cornwall. As with various tiers and lockdowns, we can’t meet. We wanted to make sure the people we love know they are especially loved this Christmas. So we jumped online.

Looking for the best deals online can be a struggle so we stuck with the faithful players of the festive card field. We sent customised cards to my afar relatives from Moonpig. We snapped a cheesy Christmas photo in front of the tree with Christmas jumpers on to add to each of our cards and sent them on their away. Moonpig is such an easy service that I have used so many times. I love getting cards with personalised covers as I think they are more precious in some way. We added our warm words for the season to the inside and done. We were worried that they wouldn’t arrive in time. But Moonpig are efficient which means they arrived next day.

For our closer to home relatives we needed a lot more cards and decided to create these cards from Snapfish. (Snapfish have a Christmas offer until 24/12)  I’ve never used them before and wasn’t sure they could create our cards in time, the turn around was tight. Again we added our personal touches to the cards and again the cheesy Christmas photo was added and we had a sweet festive card that we are proud of and is precious. With Snapfish which I really loved, was that you could choose the paper you printed on, if you would like rounded edges, standard or scalloped, want your cards printed on gloss? They have that. Want them on recycled paper? They have that too. Again the cards arrived the next day Which we couldn’t believe. Our expected arrival time was next week. Our personal message inside and we were done.  A memento of the year that we will cherish forever.

Post not sponsored by Moonpig or Snapfish, just loved the service.

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