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Parisian Travel Companion X Sezane

This vintage inspired velvet Jewellery Case from Sezane is the perfect travel partner. Made from 100% Velvet Cotton outer and 100% Organic Cotton inner. A French company born in the capital. This iteration of sustainable Parisian style gives a timeless narrative to any traveller. My Parisian travel partner is in a decadent Orchre colour that reminds me of summers in grand stately homes and exploring chateaus. A visual mix of terracotta and dried oranges.

I am forever misplacing my jewellery; a few Missoma earrings have disappeared due to my negligence.  I’m sure that I’ll never be taking apart hotel rooms and scrambling on the floor to locate missing rings or necklaces again. How could I let my jewellery suffer in a back pocket or at the bottom of a handbag again when their is a perfect velvet home waiting for them?

Sezane work in small batch and try to not over produce each garment and product. Therefore you really need to keep an eye out for their various collections. This item is currently out of stock. But there are a few jewellery boxes left.  sezane.com




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