2021,  Make-up

Indulgences in Dior

2021 the year to indulge yourself. My recent self indulgence comes from Dior beauty. The Couleurs Couture palette in Tutu. Soft purple and pink tones to sweep across the lid. Purple and pink tones are the perfect partner for green or hazel eyes. I’m move the moon to add this palette to my collection. A steam lined case for this palette means it can sit comfortably in my hand, in my handbag, on the bathroom self.

A new palette wouldn’t be complete without an accompanying lipstick. The Nude Look Rouge Dior matte lipstick is a softer natural lip that I’m excited to wear. A sophisticated nude which is a large step away from my usual bring and bold colours. Beautifully etched with “amour”, “love” and florals. Crafted with my name on the cap in a delicate typography.


Knowing that there is alot of Dior beauty that I would love to add to my beauty collection I also ordered a few samples. The perfect was to road test new purchases before taking the plunge. I requested the Diorshow Iconic Covercurl mascara. and the j’adore fragrance. This eau de  parfum is classic floral scent. An iconic scent from Dior. I am in heaven everything I smell it. I can imagine beautiful French women walking around smelling of sophistication. I suppose as I wear this fragrance I’ll be sophisticated too. I’ll be purchasing this for a very sophisticated women in my life.

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