Green Drop Waist Dress

Sitting in my favourite tourist trap, Trafalgar Square. Sat by the mermaids and water babies. Mermaids are my thing. I collected statues of them for years, Ariel was my favourite film, I love to swim. So the sculptures are special.  The two tailed creatures with their hair flowing.

Green drop waist dress from H&M. 1920’s ish vibes with modern bright green. A cuffed long sleeve and an above knee hem. Possibly my new favourite dress. Black tights and black boots for leg lengthening. Topped with my warmest coat, because London was COLD! We explored the city by foot, dodging the wind.




How to hold a healthy grudge. I hold a grudge quicker then most. Second chances aren’t for me. If I feel like you’ve done me wrong. Then you have and there is no coming back for it. I see holding a grudge as more self preservation. I don’t have the time or will power to smile and wave, pretend like everything is ok, when it’s not. Why waste your time and mine. Undertanding what kind if life you want to lead is the most important thing. Do you want to allow yourself to be exposed to situations that make you uncomfortable or sad, no. Then don’t allow it to happen. A healthy grudge is just self preservation. Undertand that you are moving forward but don’t let the grudge fester. Don’t over think it. Don’t bring it up to fuel your fire of hatered. See how you felt in the moment and how you came to hold a grudge and LET IT GO. But don’t allow it to happen again. More forward, not backwards. Accept it and put it to rest. You have one life and you shouldn’t just live it you should lead it. You are in control.


Photos taken during a power outage. Lighting is my Iphone light using the mirror in my bedroom and flowers Hayden bought me for Valentines Day.



There is nothing quite like owning a piece from a designer that you’ve been a fan of longer than you can remember. Ganni is this designer for me. A fashion house that plays with style. Working with pattern and shaping to create something that’s both retro and modern. A timeless aesthetic that I’m obsessed with.

This neon seersucker cropped top went right into my basket. There is also a beige colourway. But I couldn’t get over the neon green. I can’t wait to wear this crop with shorts and with bare arms at the beach. The straps are tied in bows but could be tucked away for even more of a 90’s look.

Neon is apparently one of the key trends from Spring Summer 20. Neon is so hard to style without looking like you have just been to a rave. No glow bands here. Just a more 90’s punk/grunge nod to neon. Paired with silver eyeshadow. Super 90’s. A fluffy pink headband to balance the heavy looking outfit. Fishnet socks and flatform shoes.

Still available on Matches in both colourways in the sale. Higher markdown in the neon on


Location – Upton Country House

Photographer – Hayden


A whole look of “old things” Long Tall Sally coat I’ve had about three years ago which I bought second hand. Simpley Bee dress From TK-Maxx from years ago. Newest addition are these boots I thrifted last month. Possibly the oldest and my most precious handbag. A bumble bee barrel from Dooney and Bourke, from about 14 years ago. I remember seeing Emma Roberts being the cover girl for Dooney  13 year old me was living for it.

I begged my auntie to source the bag for my birthday while she was in Manhatten.She bought The Holy Grail home, and it was mine. My auntie bought my the little matching coin purse too. The bag may be a little faded now, but honey, she’s staying for every. My pride and joy. I’d run into a burning house to get her out.

location – Weymouth Clock Tower

Photographer – Hayden

12 Trends SS/20 Polka Dots


“sufferin succotash”

Second shoot in Mama Shelter London. Using s Sylvester mask this time. I knew I wanted to shoot this dress asap, so packed in while working away. I didn’t think I’d get an opportunity to shoot it, or even wear it. I’m so glad I got to do both. Shot after a long day on set. I should really have been tucked up in bed counting sheep. But I just had to share. An oversized polka dot shirt, yes please. H&M are my cryptonite, I tell you.

Staying in new places, really sparkes my creativity. Mama Shelter’s interior design composition really helped inspire the consept for these shots. Using the illuminated mirror and a little self timer, a filter edited on the Tezza app.

Points if you can spot the toothpaste tube.


What do you do when you stay in a trendy hotel in London for one night?  You watch Central Intelligence and Lady Bird, read the magazines that are in your room and get creeped out by the Tweety Bird and Sylvester mask. They were over the lighting by the bed so it looked like their eyes were glowing. Mama Shelter is a feast for the eyes and little touches like that really make staying in their hotel fun. I’ll talk more about the hotel in my next post. Yes, I took loads of photos while I was there. I wanted to see what kind of shots I could get by myself, and push my creative side.

Bright pink and a puffed sleeve, I’m in love with this shirt. The elastic detail at the cuff means you can really exaggerate the puff. I think I’ll be wearing this shirt loads over summer. Shirt is H&M  I’m already thinking of how to style it. Possibly with a more feminine or girlie twist.

Chelsea Boots in The Lanes

I went through my old work books a few weeks ago and came across a work book I did in reception (kindergarten) We had to find objects from a magazine and stick them in the book then count them. I chose shoes. My teacher even commented that I’d chosen shoes. My love for shoes spans over 20 years. How crazy is that? I’d say I am a shoe girl over anything else. Yes, handbags are lovely, but shoes. Shoes are where I get my most joy. While in Brighton I really needed a new pair of shoes. Something comfy, appropriate for Winter and that didn’t need breaking in. I went into Deichmann and picked there comfy black boots. They are super similar to the pair I bought about 4 years ago in a Deichmann in Truro. But when you find something you love, always buy it. Deichmann are perfect for me as I have big ol’ feet, they have a wide range of sizes. These Chelsea boots didn’t need breaking in and are versatile enough to be worn all the time. I wore them all around Brighton on our last day there, which was also my birthday.

Jacket – H&M (similar in B&W) |Beret – Vintage | Jeans – New Look (tall) | Boots – Deichmann |

Backpack – Desigual (linked similar) Jumper – H&M   sale £6

12 Trends SS/20 See Through

Dress and Bag – Zara | Shoes Marks & Spencer | Necklace -H&M | Lipstick – Burberry

A 12 Step Programme to help you style the trends of Spring and Summer 2020.  See Through was seen on the runway from brands Supriya Lele, House of Holland and Richard Malone. Developing this look into more of a day piece is using the top layer of a summer dress. As I have done here. But wear it over jeans and a T. I always thought that you had to wear clothing straight from the run way, but no you actually don’t. The runway is your inspiration. I’ve used pieces I already own in a new way. I loved wearing this look and added in another trend for SS/20 for the hell of it. NEON! this little circuler number from Zara packs a mighty punch. A more sustainable way to play with new trends and not impact the waste of the fashion industry. I am working on creating a video of the 12 trends for the season.

Who else is working on their summer wardrobe now?



Exploring Brighton’s Food

Out first night I wanted to go somewhere cool. All the city breaks we’ve been on we’ve found cool drinking holes to laze around in. We had our first-night drinks in Tempest Inn. A bar on the seafront cut under to road. Little caves are carved out for tables for people to sit at. It’s a cool place. Some of the caves are really dark and it’s sort of dead in winter but still interesting to experience.

Birthday breakfast pancakes in our hotel. They were exactly what I wanted for my first birthday meal of the day. We stayed at The Kings Hotel on the sea front, just by West Pier.

Mocha and fries in Redroaster. We arrived at about 10 and couldn’t decide if we should have a second breakfast or have lunch. But would we have lunch at Redroaster, or somewhere else? We settled for a coffee each and a bowl of fries with alioli. The interiors were so hipster and cool that we drank our coffee and left.

Dos Sombreros in The Lanes, is where I had my birthday meal. I really wanted to have it at The Mesmerist but they closed their kitchen early and so did Black Lion, which was my second choice. We ended up at Dos Sombreros and had the place to ourselves. We shared chicken fajitas and lots of hawt sauce. It was perfect.

After realising that Dum Dum’s was closed I sulked then went for ice cream and warm cookie dough at Creams. I had the milk chocolate and Hayden had the white. It really made up for the lack of sweet treats we had this break.

Fatto a Mano

The pizza stop in the North Lanes. I love pizza and was hoping this place would be amazing, because of the reviews and it was. We decided to get two pizzas and split them with a side of fries because we were so hungry from walking everywhere. The N’DUJA and the CAPRICCIOSA. The first was a spicy pork number with heck loads of cheese. The second was an olive, artichoke mushroom extravagance that I would have ordered another to take home. It’s exactly that kind of pizza I wanted. When you can look at the pizza oven and watch if be made with love. That’s pizza.

uTrading post

The Trading Post Coffee Roasters. The best almond latte I’ve ever drunk. So smooth and easy coffee. I’d come back here anytime. The cakes looked amazing. If you want to people watch sit downstairs or if you want to work away from home or be more intimate sit upstairs and be away from the bustle of The Lanes.

Ben’s Cookies

If you get cookies, get Ben’s. Although not an exclusive to Brighton Ben’s Cookies are to good to pass up. When we saw the cookie stand Hayden and I both shouted ” Ben’s Cookies yeah!” So you know they are good. We bought 7 ( it was only polite to) and ate 3 on the drive home.

Hopefully next time I go to Brighton it won’t be in the middle of winter and places will be open. Well i hope Dum Dum’s is open. If you have been to Brighton where were the best places you ate at? I’ll add them to my list for next time.

Being Patient

Hayden and I are moving. I’ve mentioned a few times that we are on the hunt for a place to call our own. We both currently live really rural in the South of England and can’t wait to have bus connections and a takeaway that will deliver to us.
Back in August we picked the place we wanted. The most stunning apartment in town. We fell in love and could have moved in then and there. But it was still being built. Yet that’s right, it was a shell but we were sold. The plans said it would be finished November/December. But here we are in January still not moved in. Wrong parts were ordered, other building sites were behind so our site got pushed back further. So we waited. Had a few building site visits, and fell more in love every time.
If you know me in person, you could say I’m not the most patient person. I hate queueing at the bar, waiting from someone to hand me something annoys me, Waiting for food to cook, takes too long.  So having to wait for our apartment to be finished is peeing me off to put it politely.  But building never goes to plan, there are changes, problems that can’t be foreseen. I’m so impatient as I know how amazing it will be to have our own space. To play house, to decorate, We have the most perfect masculine sofa coming. To be able to build my adult life, is so motivating. To be able to start building a life with Hayden makes me giddy with excitement.
End of February is our moving date. There will be blog posts, empty apartment tours and blogs, As your girl is putting all her effort into blogging and Instagram, Youtube.