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Last Minute Dress

Wanting a new dress for a special occasion is nothing new. Leaving finding that new dress till the last minute is also nothing new. For Hayden’s graduation His mum, dad and sister came over for breakfast. A cooked breakfast that was planned the night before so at 8:30 am. As I was in Sainsbury’s buying everything, we needed for a fry up. As a household for 2 suddenly cooking for 5, is a huge jump and a little bit more stressful. I always look down the clothes isles. I find it a reward for doing the food shopping, to get to look at pretty clothes. To plan my next Christmas jumper. I headed to the dresses and saw this lovely dress with its green hues.

Bag: here Boots: here Hair Band: here Dress: here 

I scanned it into the trolly and dashed off to get the bread and ketchup I’d forgotten off my list apon arriving home I tore it out of the bag and slipped it on after cutting the lining away from the dress so I could put that on first. I loved it instantly. I felt it was a perfect fit, a great cut and just right for a graduation. I was there as a guest I needed to dress as one. It was a smart clean dress that felt right. I ended up wearing it to dinner at The Captain’s Club in Christchurch that evening. We were joined by Hayden’s brother and his wife for a local seafood dinner.

I had the Muscadet and the Monkfish curry. Which are always a favorite with me. Hayden has a beer and the dresses crab that tasted so fresh I wanted to eat his too.

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