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Couple Dressing for the Pumpkin Patch

That time of the year when the leaves start to turn brown and fall to the ground. When your breath starts to show in the air. You know it’s Autumn. There is no better way than to celebrate this season then with a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Last year Hayden and I drove past Cat and Fiddle PYO farm, and it looked so magical. Fields upon fields of bright pumpkins and little wooden cabin decorated with fairy lights. It was the pumpkin patch of my dreams. We made a note to come here when it was October to get pumpkins. We picked pumpkins to our hearts content. There was a huge selection, lots of different sizes. I of course wanted a huge one and pulled my back out trying to lift it. I want to go back already when it’s even colder and pick some more. We took home five this time and are planning to carve some and make pie out of the rest. If you are in Dorset or the New Forest, I highly recommend Cat and Fiddle PYO farm.

Couple dressing with Hayden while picking pumpkins is peak K-Drama lead couple vibes. Hayden’s had a long-sleeved striped shirt for years and I love it. He looks great in it; I’ve even worn it a few times but I wanted one of my own so we could wear matching outfits. I might have strong armed him into wearing it while we picked pumpkins and made him take photos of us together without our jackets on. But It’s a cute memory so who cares? Black bootcut jeans are from Matalan. I cannot bring myself to wear skinny jeans. When did they become so tight? These jeans cut is simple but effective. A great shape around the leg for those of us with lush long legs. It brings more proportion into your frame. The perfect pumpkin picking boots are these Dr Martins. The pointed toe creates an interesting shape for the foot and leg so that the shape isn’t lost in a black outfit.

The Shaket that took over all of last year’s style inspiration. I don’t really enjoy a shacket that doesn’t have lower pockets. I get cold so easily so prefer something more practical.  Fingers crossed I can find a similar one this year with more pockets.

I love the colouring of this old H&M number. Who said you can’t pair black and brown? To even out the brown that I added to this look, I added my vintage CK faux fur bag. A tried-and-true Autumn accessories winner.

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