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I graduated


Monday the 8th July 2019. Dress – Zara | Shoes – Micheal Kors | Cap and Gown -? Earrings and Necklace – From my family I graduated with my fellow Fashion Promotion and Communications girls in the Guildhall. My mum […]

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The art of the ‘put down’. It comes in many forms. If you are about to graduate soon (Monday 8th, anyone?) Then you will be applying for graduate jobs, left right and centre. I’ve finessed my CV, have previous experience, […]




I have been meaning to get back into blogging now that university is over, but oh my the break has been amazing. I thought I would start my return by styling this little shirt dress from Zara. It’s in the […]

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Oh, brother, I’m in love with the pearl clip trend. Back in my early school days, I was a fan of an obnoxious clip. These clips are perfect to relive my 13-year-old life but also be a grown up sassy […]

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I’ve just arrived back home after an amazing five whirlwind days in Paris. After long discussions about Paris as a city, holiday destination, the capital of France. Hayden and I have concluded that Paris is really never ending, in the […]