Christmas as Russel-Cotes

Need some art and culture into your Christmas and new year? Russel-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum is the place to go. A little something for everyone. Right next to the Royal Bath Hotel is a grand home filled with years or treasures picked up by a married couple from across the globe. The couple Merton and Annie Russel-Cotes spent their lives bringing art back from cross the world during the Victorian era. Always keep an eye out for visiting exhibitions coming to the main gallery. I’ve been coming to Russel-Cotes for years and have never managed to experience the magic that happens at Christmas time. The halls, bedrooms and saloons are decorated with traditional Christmas decorations, many Christmas trees and baubles, transforming the view. We spent two hours looking around the rooms and exploring the house lit up with festive cheer.

Russel-Cotes is staying festive till the 3rd January, so if you need to get that last bit of festive cheer into your self before 2022 really hits, now’s your time.



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