A Love Letter

Dear Amelia

I’ve seen what you’ve been through these past 10 years and had write you a letter of love. Where do we begin? 2010, roughly two years after your meningococcal Septicaemia saga and you are finishing school. Starting your blog The Curly Haired Girl, working out what career you want. You are so motivated it fills me with pride. You are tired all the time, but you don’t let it stop you, same as the scars on your legs from the Septicaemia.

During the next 10 years you’ve passed your driving test, hallelujah! Completed you A-Levels and found that academia wasn’t for you. But you made it happen. Went into the working world and found your love for fashion again. Seeing you get excited when your uniform allowance would come through, a delight to see. When you cut your long hair into a bob! Working on your days off on your blog, getting mum and dad to take your photos or using your webcam to get a photo. You realised that you actually did want to expand your learning and worked towards getting back into education. Hello, college. Working on making friends and meeting your Hayden must have been a stroke of some sort of higher power. I love how you two laugh and talk for hours, going on adventures, travelling. Stop going to Paris already there are so many other places to visit. Going to university. what !!! bloody well done. Getting a degree in Fashion Promotion and Communication (Ba Hons) Becoming a blonde, apparently they really do have more fun.

It’s clear to see that in these 10 years you’ve really worked your butt off to get to where you are. The next ten years are going to blow your mind! and you’ll be 35 by then too.

P.S. Here is a little something for you to say I’m proud of what you’ve achieved and can’t wait to see who you become.

Love Amelia.

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