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Two Days in Brighton

Welcome back. It’s been a while.

Let me update you.  Brighton. Stayed a night in Brighton to see Peach Pit at the Concorde 2. I’ve been a massive fan of Peach Pit for years. I love this smooth vibe and easy listening. Seeing a band I’ve wanted to see for so long  felt really magical. Singing along to the band with the audience and Hayden by my side. CORE MEMORY CREATED.

The rest of the time we spent in Brighton we tried to tick off as many things as we could before driving home.

Ice cream from the Hello Kitty x Art Box shop/cafe. I am a huge Hello Kitty fan and wanted to go here last time but it was super busy to even look around the store. Next time we’ll go to the cafe up stairs. This time we grabbed a tub of ice cream each and sat on the pebble beach eating in the sunshine.

If you are ever in Brighton you have to have pizza at Fatto a Mano. Really incredible pizza. I always go for a pizza that has olives or mushrooms on and this one had both. So delicious. Hayden ordered a side of fries with his pizza. Which is a running theme with him when it comes to eating at Italian restaurants.

We spent some time exploring the menu of Wendy’s. An American chain that I’ve had only once in Florida over  years ago. So didn’t really remember anything about it other than it was really different form other places we have in England. We spotted Wendy’s coming out of a Shopping Centre. We proceeded to over order and over indulge. From the avo chicken club to the Baconator burgers. We tried their nuggs their jacket potato with sour cream and chives their chili cheese fries. All finished with a Frosty. To have American style food in the UK really is something different and refreshing.

While in Brighton we tried a different coffee shop. We stopped into the very scandi aesthetic Flower Pot Bakery. A very relaxed oasis away from the foot traffic outside in the Laines. Great, smooth coffee. The prefect stop for a caffeine boost. I’d have loved to have tried their eats. But as you can tell from this post. We ate really well, which is code for ‘far too much’ in Brighton this time.

If you have the chance to visit Brighton when you are near, please do. It’s a seaside town/city with some touristy things. But is one of those rare places that has held onto it’s identity and remained a place for creatives to gather.  An hour and  minutes outside London via train.

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