Sacré-Cœur, Paris

Cami Topshop | Jacket – Next |Bag – Yumi | Shoes – Converse* | Jeans – Primark

*Shoes gifted from Footway

A huge theme in my life is holding onto things that I should really let go. I hold onto things for far too long for some strange reason. There is no need for me to hold these things but I do. Does anyone else do that? I have recently unfollowed a few people that I have been holding onto and I feel freer. Social media does really get into your head if you allow it. Do we need to check up on that old friend through their social media posts? Holding onto something that is dead in the water is so pointless and a waste of time. I urge you to unfollow the people you watch from afar, check up on a little too often, those who you don’t actually talk to in real life anymore are enriching your life.

I’m still posting content from Paris even though I’ve been back far too long. The acceptable time period has well and truly passed. What can I say I can’t let go.

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